Glossop Methodist Circuit

Hadfield Methodist Church

Station Road, Hadfield


September 2017

Minister's message

In 1505, a  21 year old man called Martin was heading home when he got caught in a violent thunderstorm.  A bolt of lightening struck the ground nearby, ‘"Help me, St. Anne!", Martin called out, "I will become a monk!"’  The young man was faithful to his vow and  gave away all he had and became a monk.  Catholicism at the time viewed priests, monks and nuns as God’s special people who were segregated, a holy people, they were the only ones who could commune directly with God.  Martin sought by all the means he could to live a holy life and to please God fully. He plunged himself into prayer and fasting; he undertook to ‘suffer with Christ’ going without sleep, or going out into the snow without a cloak, and even flagellating himself. As he later commented, "If anyone could have earned heaven by the life of a monk, it was I."  Alas he found no solace in his own strength.

Martin was ordained in 1507 and he went on to teach theology but for all his knowledge and following the rituals of the church, he still felt his life fell short. He began to appreciate that God’s way of making people right begins and ends with faith.  He was particularly challenged by  Romans 1:17 “The one who is righteous (right) with God by faith will live forever.”  The young Martin knew he could not “be  righteous” by his own works.  Finally he came to realise that to be right with God is a gift of God by grace, one we receive by faith.  Following this revelation he felt like he had become a new creation, faith was no longer a burden; it was like the storm had blown over and the clouds parted to reveal the sun.

Martin was deeply self- conscious and concerned by corruption in the church and doctrines which were counter to the teaching in the bible.  Finally in 1517 he posted Ninety-five Theses outlining his theological complaints; in particular about the sale of indulgences, on the doors to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  Martin Luther proclaimed that salvation comes as a free gift by God's grace for those who have faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer; it is not earned by good deeds or charitable giving.  This act and fresh teaching began what we now know as the Reformation.   This October brings the 500th Anniversary of Luther’s famous protest.  On the 15th October we will be holding a Circuit Prayer Day  which will also remember the start of the Reformation. 

Yours in Christ

Rev Mike Grimsley

(Minister Hadfield Methodist Church - 01457 852422 - Day off: Mondays)                      

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Dates for your Diary

Mon 4th Adult Cell Group - 7.45pm in the cellar – discussing Heaven. 
Wed 6th Service at Willow Bank Home, 2.30pm.  All Welcome
Thu 7th Circuit Leadership Meeting 7.45pm
Fri 8th Safeguarding Training 10am Hollingworth Methodist Church
Fri 8th Film at Central – Dunkirk 7pm
Sun 10th Circuit Service at Hollingworth 6pm – Launching our Series about Fruitful Congregations.
Mon 11th Adult Cell Group - 7.45pm in the cellar – discussing Heaven. 
Tue 12th Outreach and Networking Committee Meeting at Central 2.15pm
Wed 13th Local Preacher’s Meeting at Hollingworth 7.45pm
Mon 18th Adult Cell Group - 7.45pm in the cellar – discussing Heaven. 
Wed 20th Drop in Lunch for the over 55’s 12 noon – 1.30pm
Wed 20th Circuit Meeting, Hollingworth 7.45pm
Fri 22nd Quiz Night and Supper at Central 7pm
Sun 24th Harvest Festival 10.30am followed by a Bring and Share Lunch.
Mon 25th Adult Cell Group - 7.45pm in the cellar – discussing Heaven. 
Thu 28th Church Council Meeting 7.45pm
Sat 30th Autumn Fair at Zion – 11.30am -1.30pm.

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